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Keeping Bank Examinations Confidential in Litigation

Dorsey partners Eric Epstein, David Scheffel, and Nicholas Vlietstra have published an article on Columbia Law School’s Blue Sky Blog. The post, “Keeping Bank Examinations Confidential in Litigation,” is based on their legal treatise, The Bank Examination Privilege, which was published this month by the American Bar Association.

The FCC’s 2016 BBA Implementing Ruling Digested (Volume 3): “Making a Call” and “Initiating a Call” Are the Same Thing – Except that They Aren’t

Here’s something a lot of folks—even so-called TCPA “experts—tend to overlook. Most people realize that the TCPA contains two separate provisions with respect to the use of regulated technology to place calls to phone numbers; one applies to cell phones and the other to landlines. But most overlook that the two provisions contain radically different triggers for liability.